About Us

 We are Biblical Commission of SVD India Eastern Province who are involved in spreading the light of the Word in the world specifically in the Eastern India.

Biblical apostolate /ministry is at the heart of any Divine Word Missionary. “Our name is our Mission” stresses our 18th General Chapter. Our beloved Founder St. Arnold Janssen was a visionary man indeed. He knew that without The Word everything is void. It is The Word that brings everything into being and it is The Word that gives life. And rightly our founder was inspired by the prologue of St. John, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things came into being through him.............and the life was the light of all people.”  (Jn 1:1-5)


Yes! It was the vision of our beloved founder that we become the ministers of this Living Word in the World today to bring light and ‘life in abundance’. Ministry of the Word has been right from the inception of our Society when St. Arnold Janssen started the little family magazine called “little messenger” spreading The Word to hundreds of families. And down the history the ministry of the Word has been the hallmark of our Society. It was the 13th General Charter that officially recognized the biblical apostolate as a priority of our Society. “We realize that in dealing with the Word of God, the Bible, we are talking about the very heart of our Society of the Divine Word … The biblical apostolate forms an integral part of our heritage left to us by St. Arnold, and as Divine Word Missionaries we ought to make it a permanent trademark of our mission work” (Nuntius no.12, pp. 710). It was a burning desire of our Founder that his followers love the Word of God: “How profound are the words of Holy Scripture! May our confreres hold it in high esteem … The members of the Society of the Divine Word must particularly venerate Holy Scripture and spread abroad its truths” (Nuntius XII, p. 503). The SVD handbook of the biblical Ministry reaffirms the above statements.


The Constitution of the Society of the Divine Word makes clearer our need to be rooted in the Word. “It is by listening to the word of God and living it that we become co-workers of the Divine Word.”(C 106) “Our foremost obligation is the proclamation of the word.” (C 107and 102). “As co-workers of Christ, we seek inspiration in the word of God. By reading the scriptures we open our hearts to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, who helps us grasp the word, make it our own and announce it to the world” (C 407; 407.1 and 407.2).


This was the depth of love of our founder for the Word which made the Society to consider the biblical apostolate as one of the Characteristic Dimensions and placing it at the service of the local church. Led by the Spirit of The Divine Master, following in the footsteps of St. Arnold Janssen and inspired by our constitution the Divine Word Missionaries in India East are committed to sow the seeds of The Word in every corner of the Province through various ways and means.

During the past decades the biblical ministry was carried on mainly through preaching and teaching the Word by our confreres in the Parish set up. Later few initiatives had been taken to print biblical material in the form of reflection books and small booklets etc. for the literate faithful. Preaching the Word to various groups in the Retreat set up was the main method in the last decade. Today along with the good old methods many confreres and the Biblical coordinator, in collaboration with the Biblical experts and Parish Priests, have ventured into various innovative ways to spread the Word in our Province.