A Month Long Biblical Preaching and Dance Drama Programs

A Month Long Biblical Preaching and Dance Drama Programs were executed during the past two consecutive years in the diocese of Simdega, Rourkela, Sambalpur and Gumla. In February 2019 the Program was led by Fr. Marianus Ekka in collaboration with Fr. Ignatius Soreng, Fr. Sunil Damor and Fr. Christopher Kerketta and a team of 35 artists was involved in presenting the biblical dance dramas and preaching the word of God in 7 deanaries covering the whole of Simdega diocese. The same program was executed in February 2020 along with 40 artists in the diocese of Rourkela, Sambalpur and Gumla covering 10 Parhishes under the leadership of the Province Biblical Coordinator Fr. Sunil Damor. The dance dramas were prepared and directed by Fr. Ignatius Soreng. Fr. Christopher Kerketta, Fr. Marianus Ekka, Fr. Remejius Soreng and Fr. Sanjib Dungdung played a major role for the success of the program. Thousands of faithful got the chance of Spiritual renewal during these Programs. This was a unique joint venture of different coordinators which had a very good response overall.

Biblical Training for Catechists

Biblical Training for Catechists has been another main focus during the past few years. Besides the local parish level seminars and trainings for catechists there have been trainings organized at the Province level for the SVD Parishes. One such training Seminar was organized for the Catechists of the SVD Parishes in March 2019. Around 60 Catechists and few other leaders from the Parishes benefitted from this training Program. This reminds the Catechists our past heritage and the difficulties of the missionaries in Gangpur mission and the key role of the Catechists in the mission. This training also assures the Catechists that we missionaries want to revive that broken link once again and work collaboratively to take up the new challenges in this modern age. Such trainings are the opportunities for the Catechists to glance through the history of the Old Testament and linking it to the New Testament as the fulfilment of the Old. They also get very practical tips of preaching the Word of God effectively through various important parables and contextualizing them in the modern times.

Word of God in the Social Media platforms

Word of God in the Social Media platforms is the need of the hour today where majority of the people spend time. Sensing this need the Biblical Coordinator as well as few other confreres  have been trying to make available the daily Word of God in hindi,Sadri and Odia in the YouTube channels. Biblical Reflections based on Sunday and Feast days are also made available in the blog, Facebook, Watsapp, Google etc. for the spiritual nourishment of the faithful as well as the common public.

Biblical Animation Programs and seminars

Biblical Animation Programs and seminars are being regularly conducted in the different Parishes, Retreat Centres, Pastoral Institutions and formation houses of INE for various groups, especially in  the dioceses of Rourkela , Sambalpur and Simdega by our confreres. Introductory Bible courses are offered to our minor seminarians and various religious formation houses by our confreres wherein the Students are taught how to understand Biblical symbols, terms, persons, and customs and how to use the Bible for simple prayer and reflection.

Bible Day

Bible Day is observed in many of our SVD Parishes with lot of creative programs like bible skit competitions, biblical quiz competitions, biblical song and dance competitions etc. This type of celebrations have been bringing life in our Parishes

Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz is made part of the various programs like youth Day, Parents Day and children’s Day etc. in most of the  SVD Parishes of INE Province. The Province biblical coordinator also has been making it available in Hindi Language.

Making available the printed Word of God and other Biblical Literature

Making available the printed Word of God and other Biblical Literature With subsidized rates is the effort of the biblical ministry. A couple of confreres have been publishing time to time Biblical literature pamphlets or books in English, Sadri had Hindi language for the benefit of the local laity and the Church at large.

Bible Sharing in SCC Groups

Bible Sharing in SCC Groups has been taken on priority basis in many of the SVD Parishes and institutions. Formation houses and bigger communities have been conducting regular Bible sharing. In many of our Parishes SCC groups are active through the help of the pastors, sisters and seminarians during which SCC method of reading and interpreting the Bible is followed.